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Improve your marketing.
Sell more homes.

So why should you focus on marketing as a real estate agent?

Real estate agents benefit from using social media and postcards for marketing as each platform provides unique advantages to reach different audiences. Social media is an excellent way to connect with potential buyers, share visually appealing content, and target specific demographics. Postcards can help agents reach a more traditional audience who prefer tangible marketing materials. A combination of both methods can increase an agent's reach and attract a diverse range of potential buyers while building brand awareness and a professional reputation in the real estate industry.

Where we come in

Our company will implement a social media marketing strategy to help real estate agents sell homes. We'll create engaging content and share it on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media advertising will be used to reach a larger audience and promote the properties to those who are most likely to be interested. We'll monitor metrics to track effectiveness and make necessary adjustments, aiming to increase visibility, generate leads, and help agents successfully sell their homes.

Tailored real estate marketing services we provide

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Social Media Management

• Post 3-5 times

per week with custom engaging content.

•  Organically growing your audience

• Running social ads  to generate more leads

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Direct Mail 

• Create custom direct mailers tailors to you as an agents

• Print and ship for you.

• We pull targeted data to find you the perfect lead.

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E-mail Marketing

• Setup campaigns that are eye catching for clients.

• Run A/B test to optimize campaign

• Stand out from the rest of the market with intentional advertising.

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Client Generating Cold Calling 

• Reel the leads with personal tailored phone marketing.

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